Staffed with qualified partners, the Accounting – Tax department of Financial Factor Consulting offers its clients a comprehensive package of tax consulting and accounting services. Our aim is to effectively cover all accounting and tax consulting needs of modern Greek SME, giving immediate and accurate solutions with accountability and professionalism.

Based on our years of experience and continuous monitoring of changes in tax and labor issues, in FFC we are able to meet the needs of the Greek company, either it is a small business needing the accounting support of a well-organized accounting office, or a medium-sized business with increased audit needs and proper compliance with procedures concerning accounting, tax and payroll obligations.

In FFC, we are not merely another outsourcer but we put great emphasis on consulting and the creation of multiple benefits for businesses.

The accounting services of FFC include:
• 2nd and 3rd class bookkeeping
• Fixed assets monitoring
• Payroll
• Accounting department supervision
• Accounting department re-organization
• Preparation of Balance Sheets and financial statements
• Balance Sheets audit and financial statements analysis
• Formation of companies
• Business commencement and interruption
• Statutes preparation
• Legal support
• Conversion and merger of companies
• Business liquidation
• Preventive tax audit
• Design of internal audit systems
• Budget preparation and monitoring

FFC meets your business needs by offering customized solutions either at the premises of your company or remotely.

Providing integrated solutions in the tax and accounting part of your business has never been more important than today, in an environment which is steadily being transformed and restructured. Nine Tax Bills have already been proposed within a very short time period (Law 3842/2010, Law 3888/2010, Law 3943/2011, Law 3986/2011, Law 4046/2012, Law 4093/2012, Law 4110/2013, Law 4127/2013 & Law 4172/2013). In conjunction with the current corporate laws governing the establishment and operation of the business (Law 2190/1920, Law 3604/2007 and Law 3190/1955), the need for reliable consulting support becomes even stronger.

If therefore seeking for you and your business
• Risk Reduction and focus on your company’s object of activity
• Compliance with tax legislation
• Managing tax and accounting risks arising from your corporate activity
• Innovative solutions based on experience and knowledge
• Regular and predefined financial reports
• Fees absolutely tailored to services provided

We can stand by your side offering you
1. Undertaking your business accounting operation, insofar as you wish
2. Tax supervision
3. Financial planning tools
4. Financial reports of high added value
5. Upgrading of procedures

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