The major problems that companies face today is to finance their activities and the cooperation with the Credit Institutions.

We, the financial consultants of Financial Factor Consulting, believe that the Bank should be a partner of the entrepreneur, an assistant in his/her efforts and consultant for his/her business activities.

Within this context, FFC cultivates the business’s relationships with the Credit Institutions, solely driven by securing funding and maximizing the efficiency of it. Our long cooperation with bank’s executives in highest level, assists our customers in:

• Maintaining the existing relationships and improving them
• Creating new relationships with Financial Institutions
• Refinancing existing loans
• Upgrading company’s credit worthiness
• Finding new financing
• Improving financing conditions
• Expanding lending limits
• Preparation, submission and monitoring of applications for new financing

In addition to the above, FFC undertakes:

• The daily contacts and communication with credit institutions
• To inform our customers of everything happening in the Banking sector that could affect their relationships
• To find the credit institution and the product that fits best the customer’s needs

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