The business consultancy firm Financial Factor Consulting is engaged in providing banking and financial services, offering a complete package of advising with remarkable capabilities in Banking Financing-Refinancing Planning and Liquidity and Efficiency Optimization.

We give each business the necessary development tools, ensuring not only favourable financing or refinancing and liquidity growth, but also an increase of its credit capacity.

The financial advisors of FCC carry their long experience and expertise from Financial sector and assist Chief Financial Officers and General Managers to develop the necessary background and financial management skills in order to achieve high performance of their business.

We work with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to help him/her deal with critical issues, especially in developing financial strategy, capital and risk management strategy, and new business awareness. We also support him to develop performance management skills that will enable him/her to achieve a long-term growth.

Our services, research, ideas and proposals offer the Chief Financial Officer innovative tools to use in order to evaluate the business performance.

In addition, we create, develop and manage Finance departments in new or existing companies by supporting them in the conversion of their Accounting Department to a Financial Management Department. We believe that our modern world requires more than a simple registration of accounting transactions. Based on this we change the company profile into a new dynamic and competitive business ready to meet the highly demanding present and be properly prepared for an uncertain future.

Our services include:

• Business Financing
Financing is a critical issue for any company as the lack of money or the wrong type of financing can significantly increase the cost of an investment or render impossible the continuity of its operation.

In FFC we plan our proposals based on the needs of each business to ensure continuous liquidity. We analyze the assets and capital structure of the company and recommend the appropriate financing through bank loans or other products such as factoring and forfaiting that meets the requirements and objectives of the company. Furthermore, we prepare a comprehensive borrowing structure plan for starting business through fundraising from subsidized programs.

• Adjustment and Restructuring of Banking Loans
In FFC, we have extensive experience in negotiating with all banking institutions in order to contribute effectively in regulating, restructuring and reactivating your Loan portfolio. Our banking advisors design the optimal credit relationship for the company and in cooperation with the entrepreneur, proceed to plan implementation. This is a way to reposition the business with new negotiating dynamics giving the company the position of a reliable and equivalent partner against the credit institution.

  • Negotiation procedures in order to convert short-term loans into long term ones.
  • Due loans reactivation and conversion of them into active loans.
  • Preparation and submission of requests to Banking Institutions in order to issue a syndicated loan, a bond loan, a financial lease and working capital.

• Financial Planning
Financial Planning allows businesses to plan, monitor and control their financial needs in the medium-long term. At this point it differs from the process of accounting, which merely be involved in the day to day bookkeeping of business.

Financial Planning enables:

  • The forecast of economic fundamentals and business results (financial performance statements, balance sheet forecasts, cash flows, main economic indicators, etc.).
  • The formulation of alternative scenarios for the company’s action plans and the evaluation of their impact on the planned economic aggregates.
  • The identification and analysis of observed deviations from the company’s goals.
  • Corrective action and the review of the business’s financial planning.

At the same time, financial planning is an integral part of any business plan, being the main source of information and monitoring of compliance with the guidelines and objectives set out in it.

• Liquidity Management
Business’s liquidity is the cornerstone of its survival especially in times that it is limited and scarce. Its proper and selective management, ensures the supply of necessary raw materials for the creation of a company’s products. On the other hand, the unwise channeling of liquidity into non-productive processes threatens and even stoppage of works because of failure to produce company’s products or services.

In FFC, our Financial advisors prepare a detailed plan of channeling the company’s limited resources, aiming to maximize even the last euro. By implementing processes of timely customers’ prepayments and standard compensation to suppliers, we create a steady cash flow for the company with multiple benefits.

Our tools to assist our customers are:

• Transactional cycle analysis
• Working capital analysis
• Cash flows analysis
• Liquidity creation
• Cost evaluation
• Cash flow statements preparation
• Budgeting and monitoring deviations

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