The information system is the backbone on which the business is based for the effective support of its operation. New technologies, the wide range of products, their special characteristics, ERP and CRM systems are a difficult puzzle for the entrepreneur involving risk in the company’s performance if their choice is not consistent with the company’s needs.

The business consultants of Financial Factor Consulting can support the entrepreneur’s vision for a system that will meet the current and future needs of the business, will be friendly user and will return the best cost-benefit relationship.

• Investigating Information Systems needs

  1. Network installation
  2. Networks and Systems Security
  3. Remote connection (VPN)
  4. Installing software and hardware for office automation
  5. Wireless WiFi communication and Internet connection
  6. Supply and installation of Call Centers

• Procedure of Information Systems full integration
Training and Support in day to day work with new systems

• Searching external solutions for Technological Assistance provision
Investigating and assessing cooperation with external technical assistance providers

• Holistic support to major projects of Information Systems installation.

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