The current economic climate was the reason to revise the traditional Principles of Corporate Governance. The time required for a company to move from recession to recovery and finally to flourish is not in line with the hitherto prevailing business cycle times. Companies must be prepared to manage future crises that might seem unlikely 2 years ago.

The business consultants of Financial Factor Consulting prepare the organization chart of the business with a view of survival in present times of recession and with a strong basis to return to profitability.

• Administrative Support

  • Crisis management
  • Creating Management Information System (MIS)
  • Supporting Management in the decision making process
  • Analysis and improvement of all business’s procedures and processes
  • Executive Search and Selection
  • Planning and presentation of educational business seminars to improve the skills of the company’s executive staff
  • Coaching in the Era of Change. Consulting service for all the staff of the company in times of great changes (new projects, economic environment turbulence, absorbing unrest due to downsizing)

• Analysis of Decision Making process and Organizational Planning

• Company Planning and Development

  • Business Plan
  • Long-term Cash Flow Forecast

• Decision Making Effectiveness
• Comparison and benefits of Centralized and Decentralized organization
• Talent nursery and Management support
• Management Information System Investigation and Development
• Entrepreneurship and Business culture development

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