Our long presence in consulting field is accompanied by successes that have brought measurable results to our customers:

• A customer operating in recycling field managed after our guidance to reduce the Cost of Sales by 32% and enjoy a corresponding increase in Profit Margin.

• Another business customer in the Medical Devices field turned its Short-Term Borrowing into Long Term Bond with an opportunity to additional funding, allowing for lower Borrowing Costs by 48% per year.

• Another customer in the advertising field by following the results of our study and our prompts to cost restructuring, reduced its operating costs by 35% on a annually basis.

• A movie production company reduced its short-term exposure to Banking Institutions by 26% from 2010 to 2011 after our effective negotiation with its Bankers.

• A large Publishing company followed our advice on service restructuring and redesign of processes, managed to reduce its Administrative costs by 23% per year at a five-year depth.

• A Chemical Plant managed to reduce its financing costs by 14% and increase its Working Capital by 31% based on our investment advice.

• Over 30 SMEs enjoy NSRF subsidies as a result of our consulting services of the proposals prepared and submitted. With a success rate of over 92% we managed to ensure the financing of our clients for investment projects valued at over EUR 1,500,000.

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