State-of-the-art Technology Adoption

Business Credit Analysis Report (B.C.A.R.) is a system for the objective surveying of a company’s economic position, associated with its actual creditworthiness. It is based on international standards and in Greece is exclusively provided by Financial Factor Consulting. Our company guarantees both the effectiveness of the system and the absolute assurance of your financial data. B.C.A.R. evaluates the business multidimensionally in the following pillars:
• Trade cycle analysis
• Working capital analysis
• Capital structure analysis
• Position in the industry analysis
• Viability analysis
• Solvency analysis
• Liquidity analysis

Budget and Variance Analysis Report (B.V.A.R) is an innovative system for the monthly monitoring of the company’s results and deviation from the budgeted. The Management of each company has a tool that works proactively recognizing trends in the course of economic indicators, predicting the results of the year and guiding managers in correcting any deviations to achieve the desired result.

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