In today’s volatile environment where businesses operate, the difference from the competition is defined by the company’s strategy and business planning. Strategy is a cornerstone in the company operations aligning the path of using the existing resources to achieve the corporate goals.

The business consultants of Financial Factor Consulting, identifying the need for a clear and workable strategy for the company’s survival, assist in the preparation and formulation of the entrepreneur’s strategic plan either for the whole company or individually for each department.

Our specialization areas include:

• Principles for Company development
• Business Unit Strategy
• Group Strategy
• Creating Working Groups
• Emerging Markets
• Corporate Responsibility and Renewable Sources

In FFC we cooperate with institutional investors interested in investing in Renewable Energy Sources projects in Greece. We look for projects with production licence in all fields of RES and undertake the preparation of applications to the Development Law for subsidizing photovoltaic systems.

• Openness and competitiveness

The dynamics of new communication technologies and access to millions of potential customers adjust the strategies of companies in more outward-looking and competitive view, leaving behind the purely domestic clientele. The Strategy and Exports consultants of FFC support this shift in business, by assisting entrepreneurs to realize the benefits of an export-oriented company.

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