In FFC we support you in achieving your business initiatives by finding appropriate sources of subsidies or bounty for each case.

The implementation of investment projects is a complex and complicated procedure with many variables and our company is able to respond consistently and effectively to any customer needs. In particular, subsidies for new businesses are the usual entrepreneur’s headache at the beginning of his/her activities.

Our work does not stop at the precise and accurate preparation of the business plan for the subsidy of your business. It continues throughout project execution stages until the final completion of the project. Our long experience in the development and submission of investment proposals in all previous programs and our enviable success rate of 92%, guarantee the successful outcome of your application.

Subsidies from European & Domestic Programs

FFC undertakes the study and preparation of investment plans to join Subsidized Programs and the management of these projects until their completion.

We have extensive experience in preparing Financial studies and managing subsidy projects (Third Community Support Framework, NDP, NSRF, Leader, Transnational European Projects, SME aid, etc.).

With our highly professional consultants and thoughtful procedures we ensure that the studies we submit for our customers are integral and meet all requirements of each program.

The support of our customers includes:

o Presenting the requirements of the programPlanning
o Techno-economic study preparation
o Inspection of supporting documents/bids
o Preparation of tender dossiers
o Support and monitor of project implementation progress
o Checking supporting documents
o Preparation of interim and final reports
o Communication on new programs

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